Best Underlay

For Carpet

Does your choice really matter, and what is the best underlay for carpet?

Our performance-based testing program assesses the 3 key performance indicators of a quality underlay. All testing is conducted in a controlled environment by independent laboratories in New Zealand and Abroad.

Test Number 1

To demonstrate what the best underlay for carpet is, we conducted a Hexapod Tumbler Test which is used by the ACCS to assess anticipated short-term and long-term appearance change in the texture and colour of carpets. Their assessments of texture and colour change are made at 1500 cycles (simulated 9-12 months in service) and 8000 cycles (3-4 years in service equivalent).

No Carpet Underlay

No carpet underlay

Reference Test No Underlay: With no support from beneath, the appearance of the carpet has changed significantly. This result highlights the need for quality carpet underlay.

Nothing more to say really

Standard Premium Underlay

Other carpet underlay

Although far better than having no underlay under your carpet, signs of wear are evident with standard underlay after testing. With a minimum thickness loss of 9% and a max of 11%, the carpet fibres, like the underlay flatten.

Appearance average from other samples tested

Luxe Underlay®

Luxe Underlay results

Best Underlay Winner

No signs of wear: With excellent retention properties the Luxe Underlay Performance Collection provides far greater support underneath a carpet, extending the lifespan of the product for longer.

Winner and Best Underlay for Carpet

Test Number 2

Sound Insulation
1 dB
Sound Insulation

Tested to ISO 10140-3 the Luxe 11mm 120kg premium underlay achieved a 50DB reduction in impact sound.  Much higher than other 11mm 130kg  premium underlay products manufactured in New Zealand that achieved only 44DB.

Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg VS Other Premium 11mm 130kg

Test Number 3

Our Advice - A quality underlay can reduce your energy bill by 15%.
Thermal Insulation

Tested to and ASTM C518-2010 designed to combat New Zealand’s unpredictable climate, the Luxe 11mm 120kg achieved an average TOG value of 3.6 with other premium products averaging 3.4 TOG

Luxe 11mm 120kg VS Other Premium 11mm 130kg

Test Number 4

luxe backdrop 2
1 %

The Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg retained 96.1% of its original thickness with carpet, compared to other underlay samples manufactured in NZ that achieved only 91%. This maintains and extends your carpets appearance for longer.

Luxe 11mm 120kg VS Other Premium 11mm 130kg

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Our lifetime of the new carpet guarantee is our promise to you and represents the confidence we have in the quality, workmanship and long-term performance of our products