Baileys 11mm 120kg Carpet Underlay

The Baileys 11mm 120kg carpet underlay is a luxury rated carpet underlayment constructed from a prime PU foam. The Baileys 11mm 120kg carpet underlay is ideal for areas with low/medium foot traffic and is extremely economical.

Baileys 11mm 120kg carpet underlay

Insulation benefits
Moisture control
Conforms to NZ building regulations
Reduces the affects of sound transmission
Contributes to energy efficiency for the home

Better Underlay

Baileys 11mm 120kg carpet underlay

Choosing a new carpet cushion is a long-term commitment that gives your flooring the support it needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Our lifetime of the new carpet guarantee is our promise to you and represents the confidence we have in the quality, workmanship and long-term performance of our products.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure its accuracy, the data on this sheet is meant for information purposes only. The typical properties listed are the result of extensive laboratory tests, but since Luxe Underlay Group has no control over the end use of each material, we cannot guarantee these results are obtained in practice.

Users should conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of each material to its intended application.

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Weight 22.81 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1.83 m


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