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Do Luxe Underlay Products Come With A Guarantee?

All Luxe premium underlay products are supported by a lifetime of the new carpet guarantee. This represents the confidence we have in the quality, workmanship, and long term performance of our products.

Luxe Underlay Group

Do I Need To Purchase From An Approved Retailer?

A Luxe approved Retailer or Distributor understands the importance of quality and has demonstrated this over the years through their workmanship and service, aligning with our core values… Inspired by excellence.

Luxe Underlay Group

Why Do I Need Underlay For My Carpet?

Carpet underlay plays a critical role in your carpet’s performance, long term appearance retention, and comfort. Choosing the wrong carpet underlay can be very expensive



Luxe Underlay Group

What Is Performance Underlay?

Luxe underlay performance ranges maintain their original thickness for longer. It is important to note that if an underlay does not hold its shape, it will not support a carpet's long-term appearance. We recommend the Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg, 11mm 130kg, and 12mm 140kg if extending the lifespan of your carpet is a priority.

Luxe Underlay Group

Can I Use My Existing Underlay?

No, as this would comprise the performance of your new carpet and may void your warranty as carpet manufacturers state that their carpet must be installed to the AS/NZS standard 2455.1:2007.

Luxe Underlay Group

Can I Use Underfloor Heating?

Luxe underlay can be used on underfloor heating with the temperature exceeding no more than 40°C and a TOG value of 2.5 or lower. Please note that the thicker and denser the underlay, the less effective your underfloor heating will be.

Our Recommendations

Definition of Features: Features are additional characteristics that enhance the appeal of the product or service to the user.

Underlay is an integral ingredient that shapes the way your carpet will feel, wear, and look long-term. Low-density foam underlays whether cheap or expensive with a density of less than 110kg will quickly lose their resilience. This includes high-density foam products 120kg or more that are also too soft.

Underlays with a high R-Value (NZ) or TOG rating (UK) will help provide extra insulation for your home. This additional insulation traps the warm air in and keeps the cold air out. The thicker and denser the underlay, the better. A quality underlay can reduce your energy bill by 15%

AS4288:2003 certifies a carpet underlay as compliant and manufactured in accordance with performance, quality, and safety requirements deemed acceptable for their intended use. But always remember, not all underlay tested to this standard are of equal quality.

A mixed foam chip underlay is usually manufactured from a low-grade foam and has a multi-coloured appearance. These underlays are inherent for the lumps and bumps that can be felt under the carpet once installed and are generally inconsistent in thickness, density, and weight.

An underlay that maintains its original thickness for longer will provide the support your carpet needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Not only will the carpet pile perform better, but it also makes the carpet easier to Vacuum, removing embedded dirt usually trapped by matted yarn, giving you a healthier, safer home.

Your new carpet is a major household purchases and you can help protect your investment by establishing a regular maintenance schedule. Our Luxè recommendation for your Carpet care program is as follows.

Regular vacuuming

The most important step in caring for your carpet is regular vacuuming. Vacuum thoroughly and frequently particularly in high traffic areas. A good quality vacuum cleaner is vital to prolonging life of your carpet. It is recommended to use either an upright or quality barrel vacuum cleaner, fitted with a power driven rotating brush. A light vacuum is recommended at least twice a week and through vacuum weekly. Do not leave the power driven rotating brush running on the carpet if the vacuum is unattended as it may damage your carpet.

For effective vacuuming results follow these tips.

  1. Select a high-quality vacuum that is suited to your installation
  2. Always vacuum slowly and thoroughly making sure you do 3 to 5 passes over the same area
  3. Empty the machine regularly as the more dust and particulates your vacuum stores and less effective the suction becomes
  4. For high traffic areas and areas of frequently tracked in grime, vacuum daily.


Clean up spills as soon as they happen

Fast action to any spillage or stain is essential to avoid the penetration of the stain into the carpet fibres and pile. In the case of spills, remove the excess spillage by first scrapping away any solids and blotting and liquids with a white paper towel. Do No Scrub, always blot, never rub or scrub abrasively as a fuzzy area may result. Always being at the outer edge and work towards the middle pf the stained area. Follow the treatment witch cold water, apply the cold water with a sponge to rinse out as much of the stain as possible, then blot up with the white cloth or paper towel. If the stain is serious or you are unsure of what it is, it’s best to call in the experts straight away rather than tackling it yourself,

Professionally clean as required

Wet extraction cleaning is recommended and should only be done by a professional cleaner. Ensure the equipment used is of good quality and condition, the chemicals are of a reputable brand and the cleaner follows the AS/NZS 3733:1995 standard, be sure also that your cleaner is a member and certified by a known cleaning association.

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