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6 benefits of a quality underlay

6 benefits of a quality underlay that will provide numerous advantages for the home.
And with so many options available for the consumer to purchase, these tips can make the buying process less confusing.

Thickness and Density Sound Insulation Thermal Insulation Performance Retention Foam

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A carpet’s performance is dependent on the support it gets from underneath. If your underlay flattens quickly, your carpet will also flatten.

Find an underlay that has excellent rebound properties. Look at the acoustic insulation properties of the product as this will indicate its retention characteristics. The higher, the better, when looking for a quality underlay product.

Thickness and Density

Underlay is an integral ingredient that shapes the way your carpet will feel, wear, and look long-term. Low-density foam underlays whether cheap or expensive with a density of less than 110kg will quickly lose their resilience. This includes high-density foam products 120kg or more that are also too soft.

Impact Noise

Impact noise, also known as footfall, is the sound generated from a footstep or footsteps. When it comes to reducing impact sound a quality underlay is your best and most cost effective option. Look for an underlay that is thicker and denser, with a dB rating no lower than 44dB.

Thermal Insulation

Underlays with a high R-Value (NZ) or TOG rating (UK) will help provide extra insulation for your home. This additional insulation traps the warm air in and keeps the cold air out. The thicker and denser the underlay, the better. A quality underlay can reduce your energy bill by 15%


AS4288:2003 certifies a carpet underlay as compliant and manufactured in accordance with performance, quality, and safety requirements deemed acceptable for their intended use. But always remember, not all underlay tested to this standard are of equal quality.

Check the Products Retention Characteristics

An underlay that maintains its original thickness for longer will provide the support your carpet needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Not only will the carpet pile perform better, but it also makes the carpet easier to Vacuum, removing embedded dirt usually trapped by matted yarn, giving you a healthier, safer home.

Luxe Underlay Collection Products
Post consumer foam (recycled)
Mixed foam underlay and Luxe pure foam chip underlay

No To Low Grade Foams

A mixed foam chip underlay is usually manufactured from a low-grade foam and has a multi-coloured appearance. These underlays are inherent for the lumps and bumps that can be felt under the carpet once installed and are generally inconsistent in thickness, density, and weight.