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About Us

We are a New Zealand-owned and operated company who specialise in the manufacturing of innovative floor coverings and carpet cushion solutions for the flooring industry.

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Buying new carpet for the home is a serious investment that will give it a new look and feel. But with so many product options available for the consumer to purchase, it can make the buying process extremely confusing.

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Our performance-based testing program assesses the 3 key performance indicators of a quality underlay. All testing is conducted in a controlled environment by independent laboratories in New Zealand and Abroad.

"La perfection absolue"

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we all understand absolute perfection

Engineered to enhance the feel and performance of your new carpet, while providing absolute comfort and luxury underfoot.

luxury Underlayment

Bonded Foam

Our bonded polyurethane foam products are produced in various densities and thicknesses from pre-used, recycled foam sources, such as furniture and mattress foams. 


Silk is a premium hybrid memory foam underlay constructed from a viscoelastic polymer and treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection.

Premium Underlay

Our premium underlayment is constructed from an isolated foam formula that enhances the products insulation benefits, and maximises a carpets performance.

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Inspired by Excellence

Uncompromising and relentless in our pursuit for perfection, our meticulously crafted flooring collections will satisfy even the most discerning consumer. 

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